A Satanic Panic (pyrothejunky) wrote in depravity,
A Satanic Panic

Is this community dead?

Hello, I wont take much time to introduce myself, seeing as how you can always read my LJ, and userinfo.

Ive been into bestiality for awhile. I dont have much of a thing for female animals, but for male animals. Im not gay, Im not attracted to human males...just canines and horses and the like. Especially dogs though. Love the way their cocks look. Id love to get fucked by a dog, on all fours until it pumped my ass full of dog cum. Or maybe have it fuck my face, shoving its thick red cock down my throat, choking me.

As far as horses go, Id rather just jerk it off, and make it shoot its cum all over me...I have a bit of a cum fetish.

Ive never had much of a chance to fulfill either of these fantasies, but Id do quite a bit to get the chance to fulfill either of them. Im still looking though, for that chance so yeah.
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