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i want to see my sisters get defiled

i have a crush on my sisters.

its not just "i think they are hot, i'd like to have them eat me out" type of crush.
its more of a jealous/horny crush.... so that leads me to fantasize about wanting to see harm done to them in the act of sexuality.

i fantasize often (adding to the fantasy is the fact they are all virgins still) about seeing them deflowers against their will, and being humiliated & abused in the process.

i've thought of maybe everything you can do to them that wont kill them or severely maim them. lots of tit tortures, having their pussies violated with any variety of phallic items etc. humiliation as well. do it in public with some fat old homeless guy, or an animal. have someone brand into their tits some humiliating marking, all sorts of things.

i've even made 3 journal posts about them...where i encourage others to tell me how they would use them lol.

i like hearing others ideas. its nice to see fantasies i havent myself created....although i will admit, i do find them usually a tad tamer than i aim for lol.
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