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our asian maid

she was our parents maid and our asian whore when we were 13.. whenever we saw her she would let us push her t shirt up over her huge asian tits and feel her up while she stood there giving us free access to her body. we'd suck her tits and push our hands between her legs, shoving as many fingers as we could up her wet cunt while our teenage cocks spasmed uncontrollably and shot cum thruout our underwear. sometimes i would take her beautiful big soft warm tits in my hands and push them around my face and suck hard as she held my throbbing cock in her hands and jerked me off. i remember the first time she let me put my stiff cock between her big beautiful tits. her tits were so soft and warm as my cock glided into them and started fucking faster and faster. it wasn't long before my huge load of jizzspurted between her tits and it was an other kids turn. it wasn't long before her huge tits glistened with gobs of yng boy cum but she stood there submissively until we were all finished with her.
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