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Slave Revolt

Once again you bring me to your abode. Still not satisfied with my obedience. This time, more physical interaction is required. Before I put on my black leather uniform, you decide I need to be taught a lesson. I strip before you, I am already rock hard from looking at your cleavage. You have dressed in a black leather corset again, with those same boots. You tell me I am just a snivelling dog and I should be on all 4 like one. You take a cat-o-nine tails and whip my back and ass. My yelps are mixed with moans, you see my cock twitching, you cannot believe how turned-on I am getting by your whipping.

You throw your whip down in disgust and yell, “Is there anything I do that does not turn you on? I guess watching me have lots of orgasms while you don’t is the only thing that really works on you.” I see you snap your fingers and a man walks over, slightly muscled, but well hung. Having watched you in action Mistress, his own dick is now hard. Some 10 inches long and 2 inches thick. I wink at him and nod. He shakes his head in agreement. We both have had enough of you in control. As you order me to get up, I grab your arms from behind, he grabs your legs, and you fight, but we move you quickly, and in seconds, you are now chained by the wrists to the post and legs in a shackles.

“A temporary revolt mistress,” I say with a smile, as you demand we release you. We wait and your flatmate/assistant comes in. She comes over to where you are, you have a ball gag in your mouth. She takes it out and before you can say anything, we handcuff her. Dressed in white lace, she looks extremely hot, almost as much as you in black leather. You scream, “YOU WOULD NOT DARE!!!” We just smile and pull her lace bra straps down, her D-cups tumble out and the other slave and I suck and bite them vigorously.

My hand is between her legs, stroking her clit and she cums in minutes. As she pleads to stop making her feel so good, “I can’t! Stop! Oooohhhh, yyyeesssss. I-I-I mean noooooooOOHHH!” But she is slave to us now, you watch as we bend her over, the large cock of the other slave rubs on her face. She will not open her mouth, but I latch on to her clit with my lips, sucking hard, and whipping it with my tongue. She gasps and in that instant, he is in her mouth. Her resistance falters, as she starts pumping her head up and down. She moans happily as she sucks that big cock and I eat her to two orgasms.

Then the other slave sits on the floor, as she straddles his cock, and pumps him as he uses his hands to support and bounce her. Her back is to him as she faces you, her eyes glaze over as you watch her breasts bounce. I use your whip to smack them, she cries out in pleasure, and I grab her hair and put my aching cock in her mouth. Moving up and down on it as she is fucked. I keep smacking her breasts litely. Her nipples are swollen and I see you watching, drooling from both ends.

I see your pussy juice run down your thighs. I cum in her mouth. And she gulps it down happily. That really irritates you, seeing me get off in her. The other slave is close and moves her off to stand above her. Her mouth wide as watch huge streams of cum go into her hungery mouth. I move over to you, as the slave mounts your assistant, who lays back with her legs wrapping around the slave. You see get behind you. You twist to see what I am doing and see a white movement, then with a deep voice, “Don’t you dare use that on me!”

But your voice turns to gasps as I use the white feather on your inner thighs and butt. Your hips jump and squirm to get away as I wrap my free arm around them. “Damn you!” is all you say as you moan softly, returning to watching the others, as I start to lick pussy. Your swollen clit makes you cry out in pleasure as it finally is touched. I move back to your anus and swirl my tongue around and into your backside. You moan “No”, but you want it, you know you do. Two of my fingers begin to thrust into your pussy. As my tongue continues to thrust in and out of you.

You shake and then become rigid as you cum. I remove my fingers and inches from your face, I suck them clean. Telling you how yummy it is and that I might just have some more. Your face turns red at the thought of me enjoying your body, “slave, for this, you will pay dearly. Mark my worddssssssss ooooohhhh yes.” I make you stop talking as I caress your breasts and suck on each nipple litely. You watch as the other slave pulls out again cums on your assistants breasts.

He orders your assistant to put them in your face and you to lick them clean. You refuse until I move back and suck your clit hard. Your mouth opens wide in a whimper, as you suck those tits clean and bite her nipples. She rubs her pussy as you do it and cums seconds after. I stand behind you and slide my cock into your pussy. You can’t say a word, your body betrays you and your pussy muscles pull me in. I start fucking good and hard and you just let your head hang down and moan as the sound of our body’s slapping against each other echoes.

Then when you are close, I stop. I untie you, as you are helped down and to weak to resist now. I lay beneath you, your pussy slides onto me, and now the other slave puts his cock against mine, and then your eyes go wide as we fill your pussy completely. Rocking at the same time, we both fuck your pussy, and your assistant rubs your clit. I suck and nibble your breasts. Twelve minutes later, we pull out and cum on your breasts. Your assistant is quick to suck them. By this time, you have had three more orgasms.

I leave you with your assistant, laying on the floor, overcome by a flood of happy brain chemicals. We slaves return to our normal lives. But an hour later, I receive a message from you saying that next time, I will have hell to pay.
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