Crowd Revolt - Death to the Modern World (crowdrevolt) wrote in depravity,
Crowd Revolt - Death to the Modern World

Sex Obssessed

"Our society is obsessed with sex. Teenagers think they're adults by having children at 15, young couples base their entire "relationship" on sex, virtually every TV-program includes some form of erotic segment to attract an audience, and pornography has become a commercial lifestyle. While the older generation remains conservative on this issue and deem it as "immoral," the younger generation sees its chance to "rebel" against their grandparents and breed like rabbits. In the middle of all this, one has to ask oneself: "What are we hiding?"

Sex, like eating or defecating, is a physical function that fills a basic human need; breeding, thus securing the existence of our species. This is why the conservative moralism is silly; why should we ban or taboo things that are a natural part of our existence as human beings? The modern individual recognizes this and thinks to himself; "OK, then the opposite has got to be the right thing to do." This linear reactionary thinking, as we will see, is in fact a dead end..."

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