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Lil Red, part 3

The Count pushed Red away and took in her disheveled appearance in disgust. Red covered her face with her hands and sobbed., her arms blocking her breasts.

“You’re late. And look at you, you’re a mess!” He admonished. The Count then called for the housemaid, Misha. “Take her to her room, bath her and make her presentable.” He ordered, sniffing the air, he added, “Burn her clothes, such as they are!”

“Yes sir.” Misha bowed to her master. “This way miss.” And then she walked away with Red trailing behind her.

Misha led Red to a room off by the kitchen. It was rather large with a fireplace and bed. Red noticed that there weren’t any windows, but in front of the fireplace was a large brass tub.

“Are you to be my maid?” Red inquired.

“Absolutely not! I serve only my master and do his bidding. You are nothing to me, but a play toy. And you would do well to remember any amount of kindness that I show to you!” Misha growled at Red as she pinched her naked and erect nipple. “Now, strip so that I may bathe you and remove that awful hair on your body.”

Shaking, Red removed her skirt and jumped when she felt Mishas hands on her shoulders rubbing her way down to the lacing of her corset. Misha unknotted the ties and watched in satisfaction as the corset slid down her body to the floor. Naked, she stood in silence as Misha walked around her surveying Reds body. Embarrassed, Red tried to cover herself. Misha just laughed and poked her breast and ordered her to get into the tub.

Once Red was seated in the tub of warm water, Misha poured water over her head, telling Red how awful she smelled. Once Red was drenched, Misha poured a good amount of sweet smelling liquid into her hands and began to rub it into Reds hair, lathering it up. Once she had worked up a good froth and felt Red relax, she began to work her hands down Reds neck massaging the soap on her. Onto her shoulders she moved.

Red felt Misha stop and stand behind her and heard the hiss of her dress as she removed it. She informed Red that she didn’t want to get her stench on it. Collecting more soap, Misha sunk to her knees beside the tub as she started back again at Red’s shoulders and started working her way down her body.

When she got to Red’s breasts, Misha seemed to take more time there. Slowly caressing them. Rubbing underneath, squeezing gently, leaving soap bubbles as she went along. Misha looked at Red and seen that she had closed her eyes. With malice, Misha tweaked both nipples at the same time, bringing Reds eyes jolting open as she sat up.

Red looked at Misha confused. But Misha showed her no notice as she continued to work on her breasts. Red noticed Mishas heavy breasts bobbing on the surface of the water as she leaned towards her. Every move Misha made, her breasts jiggled and caused ripples in the water.

Moving lower, Red felt Mishas hands on her thighs, pushing them open. Then Misha started rubbing her down covered private area. Gently, the rubbed the outer lips. Then Misha ordered Red to stand up to be rinsed off. Red stood as water and soap dripped down her body.

Misha stood as well and walked behind Red. There, Misha took more soap in her hand and started working on Reds back, slowing moving down to her crack. When her hand dipped into Reds crack, she tried to turn around. Misha promptly smacked her wet ass and ordered her to bend over.

“You will come to beg me to touch you with gentleness. Accept your place!” At that, Misha slipped a soapy finger into Reds asshole. Red was shocked and tried to pull away. But Misha placed a hand on her hip after smacking it again, hard. As she smacked Red, Misha continued to work her finger in Reds tight ass.

Red felt tears stinging her eyes and she begged for it to stop. Misha seemed to take special delight in this as she kept jamming her finger in and out. Red held onto the side of the tub for balance as her tits swayed back and forth with movement, dripping water.

Misha stopped and ordered her to stand up straight. Then without warning, she dumped a bucket of cold water down over Red to rinse her off. Instantly, Red’s nipples tightened as she felt the goose bumps rise on her body. Misha then wrapped her in a towel and pulled her from the tub, leading her over to the bed.

Once there, Misha pushed her down onto her back and peeled away the towel. Misha straddled Reds hips and kissed her pert nipples. As she did so, her own tits rubbed against Red’s stomach.

“I will teach you how to touch me, to bring me pleasure. And should you forget any of it, you will be punished. And do not think me cruel, as you will learn from The Count, many things as well.”

Misha nudged Red’s thighs apart with her knee and ground it against Red’s mound. Red tried to push Misha away. All that resulted in was having her tits smacked repeatedly by Misha in punishment before Misha reached down and tugged hard on Reds pussy hair. Reds hips jumped in response as she tried to pull away.

Roughly, Misha shoved a finger into Reds cunt and laughed at Reds cry. Misha watched Red as she continued to thrust her finger in and the pull back to play with Reds clit. Reds body started to respond to Mishas touch. Once she had Red bucking against her hand, Misha lowered her head and started sucking and nipping at Red’s nipples.

Mishas thumb was rubbing her clit while her index finger was in her cunt. Smiling around Red’s nipple, she jammed her middle finger into Red’s ass and started working her hand. Red felt herself reach down and hold Mishas head against her tit with one hand and reach down to hold her hand in place where it was.

Red was relishing in delight as Misha worked her body. She felt the same tingling in her body as she had with the wolf. But before the feeling could explode within her, Misha pulled away, making Red whimper.

“Stand.” Red complied at Mishas order. Misha walked to the other side of the room to collect a jar that held a pink cream. Misha then ordered Red to raise her hands above her head while she spread the cream on her armpit hair to remove it. The smell of sweet almonds assaulted Red from the cream. Moving lower, Misha smeared it over Red’s pussy hair and then down onto her legs. Misha told her not to move as she left the room.

A few minutes later, Misha returned and started scraping the cream and hair from Red’s body. Once she was smooth all over and Misha still on her knees in front of Red, she buried her face in Reds soft smooth cunt.

Red gasped and tried to pull away again. Misha just pinched her clit and pulled a thigh over her shoulder as she started licking Reds southern lips before she pushed her tongue inside. Red felt her knee wanting to buckle. Red enjoyed Misha licking and teasing her and found herself begging for more. As before, Misha stopped just as Red was about to climax.

Misha stood up and pulled Reds face towards her own. Before Red could react, Misha kissed Red hard, thrusting her tongue into Red’s mouth, making her taste herself on Mishas tongue. Misha stood rubbing herself against Red and starting to hump against each other’s thighs. Misha pulled Reds hands up to cup her breasts and showed her how to play with them the way she liked. Then Misha broke the kiss and guided Red’s mouth down to her tits.

Red took one nipple into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the hard nipple, sucking. As if on instinct, Red lowered her hand down to Mishas pussy and started to rub her. Red’s hand sought out Misha’s clit and rubbed it vigorously as she pushed a finger up into Mishas cunt, working it like she had felt. While she fingered Misha and sucked her nipple, she continued to hump her thigh.

Misha felt her body tense up as her orgasm built. Crying out, she pulled Red’s hair roughly back and brought her up for a kiss as she began to cum.

Pushing Red away roughly, she told her, “You should be a fun toy! And The Count should be pleased with you when he starts.” After that, she handed Red a robe to put on. “This is what you shall wear here, unless told otherwise.”

As Red put her robe on, Misha pulled her own dress back on. Opening the door, Misha led Red back towards the dining hall where The Count waited.

Upon entering the room, Red looked around. The Count was seated at the head of a long table that was covered with food. He too wore a robe. Against one wall, there was a large fireplace with two chairs in front of the roaring fire. The Count dismissed Misha.

“Well, Red. Welcome to my home. You are here because I am to train you, as I trained your mother. It is an old bargain that your grandmother and I made years ago. Both you and she were sent to me on your 16th birthday. If you behave yourself, you will find that I can be generous. If not, you will find that I can be extremely cruel. You are going to have your first punishment tonight as you arrived much later than you should have. Now,” The Count gestured towards the chairs,” Remove your robe and bend over the chair.”

Red tried to protest, but the Count grabbed her by the back of her hair, roughly pulling her hair as he ripped the robe from her body. He pushed her towards the chair back and bent her over it. She braced herself using the arms of the chair for support.

The Count uncorked a bottle that was sitting by the fire. He began to pour the warm oil down her back and rubbing it in, going lower. She felt extra oil being poured into her crack. She tried to struggle against The Counts grip. She felt him pull her hair while keeping her head locked in place as he promptly began to smack her ass hard. Because of the oil, it stung. Forcing her legs open, he started to administer the same punishment to her clit.

The Count took to alternating blows between her ass cheeks and her clit. Once her ass was a nice bright red shade, he slipped an oiled finger into her asshole. Working her hole, he slipped another finger in and felt her tense. Without warning, he pulled his fingers out and replaced them with something much bigger and harder.

Keeping his hand tightly twisted in her hair, he grabbed her hip with his other and felt her ass tighten around his cock. Slowly, pulling it out, he poured more oil down her crack. As Red felt him pulling out, she felt her body relax. But it was to be short lived as he shoved himself back in roughly. Red felt The Count slamming his cock into her and tried to fight. Each time she fought against him, he got rougher.

He started beating her ass with each thrust. When Red thought she wouldn’t be able to take anymore, she felt his cock begin to spasm as he started to cum in her ass. His balls slapping off of her clit. With one final and hard thrust, he released in her, her ass milking his cock.

The Count pulled out and rubbed his limp cock between her bruised cheeks before walking away. Red remained bent over the chair back, her body spent. She heard the sound of scraping on the floor before The Count ordered her to join him at the dining table. Wearily, she pushed her shaking body up and slowly walked over to the chair The Count indicated for her to be seated at.

Looking down, Red saw that the chair had two nubs sticking up. She looked at The Count.
“Those are to rest in your holes. You will sit at that chair when you are at this table. And due to your little act of defiance, you will not be wearing anything at all. That includes whenever there is company in this house. Now, Misha has rubbed both of those with grease so they will slip in easily. Understood?” He informed Red as he sat there eating a pear.

Nodding, Red made a few clumsy attempts to mount the chair properly before she got it right. She hissed as the hard wood slipped into both holes. Her body froze in shock. The Count told her to relax, that it would get easier.

The Count laid a plate in front of her full of spiced meat and fruit. Red picked a little at her food, not really having an appetite to consume it. The door opened and Misha entered with a mast hound.

The Count told Red the dog was to be her companion during her stay and introduced her to Hunter, the mast hound. It sat at her feet slobbering, his head in her lap. After the meal had been cleared away, The Count walked Red back to her room.

When she entered, The Count followed her in, along with Hunter. In the middle of the room, there was a low long table that wasn’t there before.

“You have to earn the right to sleep in the bed. This is part of your punishment. Lay down on your back.” Afraid to disobey The Count, Red complied.

After she lay down, she noticed that the table wasn’t long enough. Before she could object, her legs were spread and tied to separate table legs, followed by her arms. After she was tied securely to the table, The Count rubbed what looked like grape jam onto her nipples.

“Hunter hasn’t eaten yet. And the grease that was used on your chair was bacon grease. And as I said, Hunter will be your companion here. He is actually going to be regarded higher than you are. This is part of your punishment. And whatever Hunter wants from you, you will let him take, at any time.” The Count informed her before placing a gag in her mouth and leaving.

Hunter caught the smell of her and the bacon and moved over to her. He shoved his muzzle straight into her cunt and started lapping her, leaving puddles of slobber with each lick. He shoved his tongue into her cunt and her ass, licking the bacon flavor. Red felt herself relax and start to enjoy the feeling of the beast’s tongue.

Then he snorted a couple of times and walked away. She had seen him lay down by the fire. Time passed, how much, she didn’t know. She began to fall asleep.

She was awaken sometime later but something heavy bumping her. Her eyes shot opened as Hunter pushed his cock into her roughly. It was much larger than the wolf and felt like it was going to rip her open. Hunter seemed to pay no mind to her muffled cries as he humped away, slamming his cock in her.

Red felt her body betray her again as she started responding to Hunters cock. She felt herself humping back against him as he hammered her, his knot began to grow and swell. Once it was formed, he tried to pull out, but couldn’t. As he waited for the knot to subside, he began to lick the jam off of Red’s nipples. Red couldn’t stop herself, she continued humping Hunters cock. She felt herself break and start to cum. The sensations were too much for her. Red felt Hunters knot begin to unleash in her cunt, sending hot waves of cum gushing in her before he pulled away and went to lick himself in front of the fire.

Red wondered what other twisted punishment The Count had in store for her before she passed out from exhaustion.
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