DrtyLilKitty (drtylilkitty) wrote in depravity,

lil Red, part 2

Shocked at the wolf's boldness, Red found herself immobilized to stop him. But then, his tongue felt wonderful on her clit. She was unable to stop her hips from moving. Then his tongue slipped into her hole, bringing a moan to her lips. Her head dropped back in ecstasy as his tongue delved deeper into her. In, out, up, in, out! Red was tingling all over. Before she knew what was happening, she felt her pretty place contract as she got wetter. The wolf continued licking away.
Then he stopped licking and looked her in the eye. Red finally felt fear as she looked down and seen a long red shaft sticking out under his belly. He lowered his muzzle again and licked her a couple of more times, never breaking eye contact.
Red pushed his head away and tried to scramble to her feet. But the wolf was quicker. He pounced upon her, knocking her down. Before she knew it, she was on her knees with her backside in the air, momentarily dazed. Until she felt his paws encase her sides.
Red then became very aware of his thrusting hips against her. Without warning, the wolf's huge red cock pushed it's way into her cunt, stretching her open to accommodate him.
She struggled in vain beneath him. The wolf continued to hump away, panting, his balls hitting off her clit.
It didn't matter how much Red struggled, she couldn't dislodge the beast. She looked around and knew that screaming would do her no good, as no one would be close enough to help her.
After the initial shock wore off, Red found herself enjoying the feeling of the slick cock pumping into her.
All too soon, she felt her hips moving in time with the wolf's thrusts. She felt the muscles of her cunt start to spasm as she felt her climax building. Suddenly she cried out with pleasure as she felt the cock begin to swell in size. Red didn't know how much she could take. Her body shaking from fear and her own climax.
The wolf yelped and tried to pull away. But the knot in his cock had locked them together. Each pull brought new torturous pleasure for Red. She felt herself cumming over and over again. She knew she looked a mess, her tits laying in the dirt while her ass was raised as the large wolf was mounted on her, humping away. But she couldn't stop her hips from moving. It felt sooo good!
Hot tears of embarrassment were running down her cheeks. Red knew she would have to bathe in the pond after this. How could she be enjoying this?
The wolf continued pulling. Red felt the knot shift, without warning, she felt hot liquid shooting into her, as his size lessoned. She thought the wolf was relieving himself into her, his hot piss was building in her pussy! Her own hips betrayed her as they continued to buck around his cock, milking it. Finally he pulled out with an audible plop. Pushing her chest up, red looked down to see white cream dripping out of her, running down her thighs. The wolf walked back to her pussy, sniffed and ran it's tongue up her slit again.
Shakily, Red crawled over to the pond, the wolf sniffing at her the whole way. She slipped her achy and abused body into the cool water. Letting the water lap at her pussy, Red cried.
Soon, Red realized that the temperature of the water had dropped considerably, she looked around for the wolf before she climbed out of the water..
She approached the rock where she had left her things. The wolf had helped himself to her food in the basket. Sighing out of misery, Red pulled her shirt on, only to find it soaking wet with an odd odor. She realized that the wolf had relieved himself on it. The yellowing wet fabric clung to her protruding nipples. At once, she ripped it from her body in disgust.
Red figured she wasn't too far from the Counts abode, so she tied her skirt on, and fastened her cape upon her shoulders. She drew it about her, so it was unknown that her breasts were bare beneath.
Almost an hour later, she came upon the Counts home. Crying in relief, she ran forward and pounded on the door, her cape falling open. In her excitement, she had forgotten that she was bare breasted.
The door swung open and the Count stared in amazement as her tits bounced before she fell into his arms. Rubbing herself against his chest, he felt himself start to rise......
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