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Lil Red, part 1

Little Red Riding Hood awoke early on her 16th birthday day excited. This was a very special day, as she was to go visit a friend of her grandmothers. She had met the Count before, as he had been to her grandmothers for tea on many occasion. As to which he would pull her to sit on his lap as he fed her sweets, his fingers woud push past her plump lips and lightly brush her tongue as she giggled.
However, the Count could be clumsy and several times spilled tea down the front of her thin bodice, but took special delight in helping her to clean it off. Red had a special place in her heart for the Count whenever he would visit. And as promised, she was going to stay with him for a brief spell.
Her mother helped lace Red nice and tightly into her corset. The underwire and boning of the structure rested cruely under her full and heavy breasts. Next came her bodice covering and skirt. Once she was fully dressed, her mother placed her beautiful red cape over her shoulders, giving Red a basket with some food, her mother ushered her out of the door into the chill morning. Red pulled her cape about her to help ward off the morning air. As she started her treck through the woods, she noticed the dew made frosty patterns among the foilage.
Red walked for hours, It had become increasingly warmer as the day wore on. She hadn't seen another person at all as she continued on her way.
She came to a clearing next to a beautiful pond, the dun shining invitingly upon the grass. Red took her cape off and placed it withher basket on a rock and sat on another pile of rocks. She was getting a little tired and warm. Well, she thought, this looked like the perfect place for a light lunch and short rest.
Then she looked longingly at the serene pond. Before she could talk herself out of it, off came her top and skirt, leaving on only her corset, as it required more than one person to get it on, she slid into the water. As she sank into the pond, she looked around to make sure she was alone.
The water rose to her knees, then the soft curls of her pretty place, and finally her breasts bobbled out infront of her on the water, the nipples rock hard from the water, moving up and down.
She swam through the water a couple of times, then moved to sit upon a few rocks under the water.
She leaned backwards onto the bank, her tits warming in the sun.
All of a sudden, she felt something hit her pretty place, in not an unpleasant way. Red looked down to see a rather large fish bumping his rather large head against her, softly sucking before he would drift away then drift back tto resume again. She gasped, it felt so good so she just let him continue. While it felt good, she could feel herself grow sleepy.
Red finally shooed the fish away and climbed out of the water. She spread her cape on the ground under the sun and laid down, soon she was asleep.
Completely oblivious to being watched, the woodsman approached her sleeping form. He had been following her in the woods, and when he had seen her strip and go into the water, he immediately started playing with his cock.
He almost shot his load when he seen her slowly gyrating in the water, her tits wiggling teasingly on the water top. Oh how he wished to bury his cock between those ripe pale pillows.
She was on her back, her legs spread slightly as she slept, he could see her glistening in the sun. He began to pump harder. Then he looked upon the objects of his desire. Those tits! So full, so round..... He stood over her jacking furiously now. He could just imagine his cock stuffed between them. Her tongue would flicker over the head as his balls were nestled against her belly.
Before he could stop himself, he errupted on her nipples, yet she didn't stir. He watched in amazement as it splashed across each tit. To him, each tit looked like a pretty iced cup cake. But she didn't seem to notice!
Feeling even bolder, he still had some more cream to release, he knelt between her open thighs and started again, all while looking at his liquid pearls glistening on her nipples.
Her cunt lips were parted slightly. Feeling himself ready to cum, he aimed at her open slit and watched his juice run down her clit, over her hole and onto her asshole.
The woodsman feeling content, stood, tucked his cock away and left. Casting one more look at Little Red covered in his juices, he walked into the woods and disappeared.
Little Red dozed for a while longer, until she felt the strangest sensation on one of her nipples. Something warm and rough dragged across an already pert nipple, then stopped. Then it was on the other one, before it stopped again. Still groggy, and enjoying the feel of the warm sun, she sighed and stretched, not openeing her eyes.
Then she felt that rough strip between her legs. Her eyes shot open and looked down, only to find a wolf with his muzzle buried in her pretty place lapping happily at it........
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