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Stories of Wild Depravity's Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Stories of Wild Depravity's LiveJournal:

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Monday, October 4th, 2010
7:20 am
i want to see my sisters get defiled
i have a crush on my sisters.

its not just "i think they are hot, i'd like to have them eat me out" type of crush.
its more of a jealous/horny crush.... so that leads me to fantasize about wanting to see harm done to them in the act of sexuality.

i fantasize often (adding to the fantasy is the fact they are all virgins still) about seeing them deflowers against their will, and being humiliated & abused in the process.

i've thought of maybe everything you can do to them that wont kill them or severely maim them. lots of tit tortures, having their pussies violated with any variety of phallic items etc. humiliation as well. do it in public with some fat old homeless guy, or an animal. have someone brand into their tits some humiliating marking, all sorts of things.

i've even made 3 journal posts about them...where i encourage others to tell me how they would use them lol.

i like hearing others ideas. its nice to see fantasies i havent myself created....although i will admit, i do find them usually a tad tamer than i aim for lol.

Current Mood: bored
Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
2:25 pm
Monday, May 11th, 2009
11:28 pm
Hello all. Just joined the community.
I'm a 19 year old submissive. Cum read my journal if you're interested in BDSM, rape fantasy, or age play.
Saturday, February 23rd, 2008
6:24 pm
Join my journal and read the filth and look at the pics. Audio's are also available, very sexual journal. so be warned ;)
Monday, December 10th, 2007
9:02 am
Thursday, August 9th, 2007
1:51 pm
World Moron Death
If we were able, hypothetically, to painlessly exterminate every person of low intelligence on planet earth, why would anyone be against it? After all, our societies would go farther, and the people alive would have a better experience of life. Society would function more intelligently. I can't think of a single logical argument against it. Any ideas?

Friday, June 29th, 2007
9:44 pm
Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
12:43 am
Sex Obssessed
"Our society is obsessed with sex. Teenagers think they're adults by having children at 15, young couples base their entire "relationship" on sex, virtually every TV-program includes some form of erotic segment to attract an audience, and pornography has become a commercial lifestyle. While the older generation remains conservative on this issue and deem it as "immoral," the younger generation sees its chance to "rebel" against their grandparents and breed like rabbits. In the middle of all this, one has to ask oneself: "What are we hiding?"

Sex, like eating or defecating, is a physical function that fills a basic human need; breeding, thus securing the existence of our species. This is why the conservative moralism is silly; why should we ban or taboo things that are a natural part of our existence as human beings? The modern individual recognizes this and thinks to himself; "OK, then the opposite has got to be the right thing to do." This linear reactionary thinking, as we will see, is in fact a dead end..."

Full article here:

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006
7:41 am
Hi! This community has a lot of hot things written here... I'm writing here to introduce my boyfriend and I, and to tell you all that we've created our journal, and will be writing tons about all the sexy things we do...so if any of you are interested, come check it out, and become friends with us!

And since the purpose of the community is dirty little secrets, I will add that I have been wanting to be dominated so badly for a while now...to be held down by strong arms and called a slut while being taken....mmm...
Tuesday, November 21st, 2006
8:59 pm
I so just masturbated to pictures of horse cocks. They give out near 3/4 a liter of cum with every ejaculation...I want it....
Tuesday, July 4th, 2006
4:15 am
Thursday, June 29th, 2006
7:12 pm
My friend Crys had been bugging me for another date, something about being horny, I think was her reason. I think she was just after my body again.

I put her off for a few days, then agreed to take her out for dinner, on two conditions: from the neck down she must have completely depilated herself, and two that she could wear a raincoat, and shoes, plus perfume and cosmetics, but no other clothing.

I arrived at her place and was greeted by her Dad. He invited me in for drink, explaining that she was just finishing getting ready. Shortly Crys appeared in her light raincoat, ready to go.

Her Dad wished us a great evening, said he was going out himself, and Crys gave him a nice kiss on the lips. Did I see her slip him a tongue?. I was admonished to be good to his daughter, and I assured him I would be good. Crys rolled her eyes at my double entendre.

We drove in her vehicle, 'cos I wanted to be able to get her properly steamed up before we arrived at the restaurant. After tweaking her nipples through several sets of amber lights (she was finding it hard to concentrate), I reached down and spread her thighs. Everything was beautifully smooth, as instructed.

Her clit needed little teasing to emerge from its hood, but once out, I rolled the skin backwards and forwards over her 'little penis". She was finding driving really difficult, but i couldn't see why, as every time I sensed that she was about to cum, I ceased all motion, but then had to start again after a few moments, so she didn't get cold.

We jerked into the parking lot, and Crys gave the pimply valet a real eyeful as she refastened her coat. As I followed her into the restaurant, I noticed a damp patch on her coat. Had she been sitting in something wet?

Dinner was enjoyable. I had worn a pair of Todd slip-on driving shoes with no socks, so that once in the banquette I had reserved, I slipped my right shoe off and thrust a foot into Crys's cunt. Good job I cut my toenails regularly, or I might have scratched something. Again I was considerate and didn't allow her to cum. I knew that she was bit of a screamer, and didn't want her embarrassing herself in the restaurant. Might distract the waiters from their job too.

After an excellent bottle of Merlot and a seafood pasta we left. For some reason Crys wanted to skip dessert and have coffee back at her place. When ladies make such decisions, I rarely argue.

Once inside the door, I was practically raped. My Gucci designer jeans were ripped off, fortunately they had a button fly, and as I go commando, only a silk sweater remained, but it too was quickly torn off. Her raincoat was nowhere to be seen.

Crys threw me on the floor, and planted her cunt on my face as she swallowed my cock. What was I to do? I took the hint and grabbed her clit with my teeth, while I parted her cheeks with hands and the delved into her sopping cunt. Four fingers of one hand slipped in effortlessly.

Whilst we were innocently occupied in this fashion, I heard a noise, but as Crys was sitting on my face, I could see nothing. Crys let my cock fall out of her mouth and said

"Oh Hi, Daddy, didn't you go out after all?"

"No I was watching a game on TV, but right now, what you're doing looks more interesting".

"Yeah, this bastard's been teasing me all night, and now I'm getting what I need. Look his cock is even bigger than yours"

And she proudly displayed my lipstick smeared prick in her fist for him to see, dripping with my precum and her saliva.

"Jack's very broad minded, do you want to join us?" Crys said to her Dad.
Monday, June 26th, 2006
2:27 am
lil Red, part 2
Shocked at the wolf's boldness, Red found herself immobilized to stop him. But then, his tongue felt wonderful on her clit. She was unable to stop her hips from moving. Then his tongue slipped into her hole, bringing a moan to her lips. Her head dropped back in ecstasy as his tongue delved deeper into her. In, out, up, in, out! Red was tingling all over. Before she knew what was happening, she felt her pretty place contract as she got wetter. The wolf continued licking away.
Then he stopped licking and looked her in the eye. Red finally felt fear as she looked down and seen a long red shaft sticking out under his belly. He lowered his muzzle again and licked her a couple of more times, never breaking eye contact.
Red pushed his head away and tried to scramble to her feet. But the wolf was quicker. He pounced upon her, knocking her down. Before she knew it, she was on her knees with her backside in the air, momentarily dazed. Until she felt his paws encase her sides.
Red then became very aware of his thrusting hips against her. Without warning, the wolf's huge red cock pushed it's way into her cunt, stretching her open to accommodate him.
She struggled in vain beneath him. The wolf continued to hump away, panting, his balls hitting off her clit.
It didn't matter how much Red struggled, she couldn't dislodge the beast. She looked around and knew that screaming would do her no good, as no one would be close enough to help her.
After the initial shock wore off, Red found herself enjoying the feeling of the slick cock pumping into her.
All too soon, she felt her hips moving in time with the wolf's thrusts. She felt the muscles of her cunt start to spasm as she felt her climax building. Suddenly she cried out with pleasure as she felt the cock begin to swell in size. Red didn't know how much she could take. Her body shaking from fear and her own climax.
The wolf yelped and tried to pull away. But the knot in his cock had locked them together. Each pull brought new torturous pleasure for Red. She felt herself cumming over and over again. She knew she looked a mess, her tits laying in the dirt while her ass was raised as the large wolf was mounted on her, humping away. But she couldn't stop her hips from moving. It felt sooo good!
Hot tears of embarrassment were running down her cheeks. Red knew she would have to bathe in the pond after this. How could she be enjoying this?
The wolf continued pulling. Red felt the knot shift, without warning, she felt hot liquid shooting into her, as his size lessoned. She thought the wolf was relieving himself into her, his hot piss was building in her pussy! Her own hips betrayed her as they continued to buck around his cock, milking it. Finally he pulled out with an audible plop. Pushing her chest up, red looked down to see white cream dripping out of her, running down her thighs. The wolf walked back to her pussy, sniffed and ran it's tongue up her slit again.
Shakily, Red crawled over to the pond, the wolf sniffing at her the whole way. She slipped her achy and abused body into the cool water. Letting the water lap at her pussy, Red cried.
Soon, Red realized that the temperature of the water had dropped considerably, she looked around for the wolf before she climbed out of the water..
She approached the rock where she had left her things. The wolf had helped himself to her food in the basket. Sighing out of misery, Red pulled her shirt on, only to find it soaking wet with an odd odor. She realized that the wolf had relieved himself on it. The yellowing wet fabric clung to her protruding nipples. At once, she ripped it from her body in disgust.
Red figured she wasn't too far from the Counts abode, so she tied her skirt on, and fastened her cape upon her shoulders. She drew it about her, so it was unknown that her breasts were bare beneath.
Almost an hour later, she came upon the Counts home. Crying in relief, she ran forward and pounded on the door, her cape falling open. In her excitement, she had forgotten that she was bare breasted.
The door swung open and the Count stared in amazement as her tits bounced before she fell into his arms. Rubbing herself against his chest, he felt himself start to rise......
Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
3:35 am
Lil Red, part 1
Little Red Riding Hood awoke early on her 16th birthday day excited. This was a very special day, as she was to go visit a friend of her grandmothers. She had met the Count before, as he had been to her grandmothers for tea on many occasion. As to which he would pull her to sit on his lap as he fed her sweets, his fingers woud push past her plump lips and lightly brush her tongue as she giggled.
However, the Count could be clumsy and several times spilled tea down the front of her thin bodice, but took special delight in helping her to clean it off. Red had a special place in her heart for the Count whenever he would visit. And as promised, she was going to stay with him for a brief spell.
Her mother helped lace Red nice and tightly into her corset. The underwire and boning of the structure rested cruely under her full and heavy breasts. Next came her bodice covering and skirt. Once she was fully dressed, her mother placed her beautiful red cape over her shoulders, giving Red a basket with some food, her mother ushered her out of the door into the chill morning. Red pulled her cape about her to help ward off the morning air. As she started her treck through the woods, she noticed the dew made frosty patterns among the foilage.
Red walked for hours, It had become increasingly warmer as the day wore on. She hadn't seen another person at all as she continued on her way.
She came to a clearing next to a beautiful pond, the dun shining invitingly upon the grass. Red took her cape off and placed it withher basket on a rock and sat on another pile of rocks. She was getting a little tired and warm. Well, she thought, this looked like the perfect place for a light lunch and short rest.
Then she looked longingly at the serene pond. Before she could talk herself out of it, off came her top and skirt, leaving on only her corset, as it required more than one person to get it on, she slid into the water. As she sank into the pond, she looked around to make sure she was alone.
The water rose to her knees, then the soft curls of her pretty place, and finally her breasts bobbled out infront of her on the water, the nipples rock hard from the water, moving up and down.
She swam through the water a couple of times, then moved to sit upon a few rocks under the water.
She leaned backwards onto the bank, her tits warming in the sun.
All of a sudden, she felt something hit her pretty place, in not an unpleasant way. Red looked down to see a rather large fish bumping his rather large head against her, softly sucking before he would drift away then drift back tto resume again. She gasped, it felt so good so she just let him continue. While it felt good, she could feel herself grow sleepy.
Red finally shooed the fish away and climbed out of the water. She spread her cape on the ground under the sun and laid down, soon she was asleep.
Completely oblivious to being watched, the woodsman approached her sleeping form. He had been following her in the woods, and when he had seen her strip and go into the water, he immediately started playing with his cock.
He almost shot his load when he seen her slowly gyrating in the water, her tits wiggling teasingly on the water top. Oh how he wished to bury his cock between those ripe pale pillows.
She was on her back, her legs spread slightly as she slept, he could see her glistening in the sun. He began to pump harder. Then he looked upon the objects of his desire. Those tits! So full, so round..... He stood over her jacking furiously now. He could just imagine his cock stuffed between them. Her tongue would flicker over the head as his balls were nestled against her belly.
Before he could stop himself, he errupted on her nipples, yet she didn't stir. He watched in amazement as it splashed across each tit. To him, each tit looked like a pretty iced cup cake. But she didn't seem to notice!
Feeling even bolder, he still had some more cream to release, he knelt between her open thighs and started again, all while looking at his liquid pearls glistening on her nipples.
Her cunt lips were parted slightly. Feeling himself ready to cum, he aimed at her open slit and watched his juice run down her clit, over her hole and onto her asshole.
The woodsman feeling content, stood, tucked his cock away and left. Casting one more look at Little Red covered in his juices, he walked into the woods and disappeared.
Little Red dozed for a while longer, until she felt the strangest sensation on one of her nipples. Something warm and rough dragged across an already pert nipple, then stopped. Then it was on the other one, before it stopped again. Still groggy, and enjoying the feel of the warm sun, she sighed and stretched, not openeing her eyes.
Then she felt that rough strip between her legs. Her eyes shot open and looked down, only to find a wolf with his muzzle buried in her pretty place lapping happily at it........
Saturday, November 19th, 2005
8:27 am
Im going to be moving to Germany soon, becuase thats where I will be stationed at for I dont know how long. I wonder what its like over there. I hope I can find a nice dominant woman who's into bestiality, and likes using strapons on guys. God Id die for that, especially if I didnt know it was going to happen.

Me and a girl just making out, and when she slips her pants down, shes got this bulge in her panties, and she just tells me to suck it. After awhile, she shoves me away roughly, and leaves me there while she gets some lube. When she comes back she grabs me and makes me kneel on all fours as she lubes the strap on up, and then lubes my tight virgin ass up before she begins to fuck me hard. God, what Id give for some nice abusive sex right about now...

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
1:46 am
If I was anything, I was honest. i was honest like lying was a sin and i was at the last supper. i was honest like my father never was to my mother. i was honest like no man ever was before. ya see... i loved her, and i wanted her to know that i was thinking of cheating. she wasn't doing it for me anymore. ever since the abortion neither of us wanted to do, i understood how her sex drive could be lost like the child you throw into the stream, but mine wasn't. every time we spooned, my nails would run up her thigh. my lips would drag across her shoulder blade.

i wanted to rip through the denim of her jeans,
i wanted to lick that spot that would make her cream.

I wanted to insert finger into vagina, and finger into anus. i wanted to lick her until she pinched her nipples. i wanted to fuck a soul back into her womb so that maybe, we, wouldn't have to abort it this time. maybe the child would come back to let us love it.

sorry, sweetie. mommy didn't want stretch marks, and daddy didn't want his twenty three year old sex life ruined. but, alas, she got depressed and ate, and i'm left with three mastubatory experiences a day. while fantasizing about how we used to fuck in libraries, and cars. now she lays there and "lets me".

I want to fuck the college girl back into her. when she used to almost cry because i couldn't come in her. when she would wipe the sweat off my forehead for me. when she tasted like a peach skinned a day ago. oh, sweet Geena. How I miss the nymph you once were.

Depraved. I am.
Sunday, October 9th, 2005
6:51 am
our asian maid
she was our parents maid and our asian whore when we were 13.. whenever we saw her she would let us push her t shirt up over her huge asian tits and feel her up while she stood there giving us free access to her body. we'd suck her tits and push our hands between her legs, shoving as many fingers as we could up her wet cunt while our teenage cocks spasmed uncontrollably and shot cum thruout our underwear. sometimes i would take her beautiful big soft warm tits in my hands and push them around my face and suck hard as she held my throbbing cock in her hands and jerked me off. i remember the first time she let me put my stiff cock between her big beautiful tits. her tits were so soft and warm as my cock glided into them and started fucking faster and faster. it wasn't long before my huge load of jizzspurted between her tits and it was an other kids turn. it wasn't long before her huge tits glistened with gobs of yng boy cum but she stood there submissively until we were all finished with her.

Current Mood: dirty
Thursday, October 6th, 2005
2:38 pm
Slave Revolt
Once again you bring me to your abode. Still not satisfied with my obedience. This time, more physical interaction is required. Before I put on my black leather uniform, you decide I need to be taught a lesson. I strip before you, I am already rock hard from looking at your cleavage. You have dressed in a black leather corset again, with those same boots. You tell me I am just a snivelling dog and I should be on all 4 like one. You take a cat-o-nine tails and whip my back and ass. My yelps are mixed with moans, you see my cock twitching, you cannot believe how turned-on I am getting by your whipping.

You throw your whip down in disgust and yell, “Is there anything I do that does not turn you on? I guess watching me have lots of orgasms while you don’t is the only thing that really works on you.” I see you snap your fingers and a man walks over, slightly muscled, but well hung. Having watched you in action Mistress, his own dick is now hard. Some 10 inches long and 2 inches thick. I wink at him and nod. He shakes his head in agreement. We both have had enough of you in control. As you order me to get up, I grab your arms from behind, he grabs your legs, and you fight, but we move you quickly, and in seconds, you are now chained by the wrists to the post and legs in a shackles.

“A temporary revolt mistress,” I say with a smile, as you demand we release you. We wait and your flatmate/assistant comes in. She comes over to where you are, you have a ball gag in your mouth. She takes it out and before you can say anything, we handcuff her. Dressed in white lace, she looks extremely hot, almost as much as you in black leather. You scream, “YOU WOULD NOT DARE!!!” We just smile and pull her lace bra straps down, her D-cups tumble out and the other slave and I suck and bite them vigorously.

My hand is between her legs, stroking her clit and she cums in minutes. As she pleads to stop making her feel so good, “I can’t! Stop! Oooohhhh, yyyeesssss. I-I-I mean noooooooOOHHH!” But she is slave to us now, you watch as we bend her over, the large cock of the other slave rubs on her face. She will not open her mouth, but I latch on to her clit with my lips, sucking hard, and whipping it with my tongue. She gasps and in that instant, he is in her mouth. Her resistance falters, as she starts pumping her head up and down. She moans happily as she sucks that big cock and I eat her to two orgasms.

Then the other slave sits on the floor, as she straddles his cock, and pumps him as he uses his hands to support and bounce her. Her back is to him as she faces you, her eyes glaze over as you watch her breasts bounce. I use your whip to smack them, she cries out in pleasure, and I grab her hair and put my aching cock in her mouth. Moving up and down on it as she is fucked. I keep smacking her breasts litely. Her nipples are swollen and I see you watching, drooling from both ends.

I see your pussy juice run down your thighs. I cum in her mouth. And she gulps it down happily. That really irritates you, seeing me get off in her. The other slave is close and moves her off to stand above her. Her mouth wide as watch huge streams of cum go into her hungery mouth. I move over to you, as the slave mounts your assistant, who lays back with her legs wrapping around the slave. You see get behind you. You twist to see what I am doing and see a white movement, then with a deep voice, “Don’t you dare use that on me!”

But your voice turns to gasps as I use the white feather on your inner thighs and butt. Your hips jump and squirm to get away as I wrap my free arm around them. “Damn you!” is all you say as you moan softly, returning to watching the others, as I start to lick pussy. Your swollen clit makes you cry out in pleasure as it finally is touched. I move back to your anus and swirl my tongue around and into your backside. You moan “No”, but you want it, you know you do. Two of my fingers begin to thrust into your pussy. As my tongue continues to thrust in and out of you.

You shake and then become rigid as you cum. I remove my fingers and inches from your face, I suck them clean. Telling you how yummy it is and that I might just have some more. Your face turns red at the thought of me enjoying your body, “slave, for this, you will pay dearly. Mark my worddssssssss ooooohhhh yes.” I make you stop talking as I caress your breasts and suck on each nipple litely. You watch as the other slave pulls out again cums on your assistants breasts.

He orders your assistant to put them in your face and you to lick them clean. You refuse until I move back and suck your clit hard. Your mouth opens wide in a whimper, as you suck those tits clean and bite her nipples. She rubs her pussy as you do it and cums seconds after. I stand behind you and slide my cock into your pussy. You can’t say a word, your body betrays you and your pussy muscles pull me in. I start fucking good and hard and you just let your head hang down and moan as the sound of our body’s slapping against each other echoes.

Then when you are close, I stop. I untie you, as you are helped down and to weak to resist now. I lay beneath you, your pussy slides onto me, and now the other slave puts his cock against mine, and then your eyes go wide as we fill your pussy completely. Rocking at the same time, we both fuck your pussy, and your assistant rubs your clit. I suck and nibble your breasts. Twelve minutes later, we pull out and cum on your breasts. Your assistant is quick to suck them. By this time, you have had three more orgasms.

I leave you with your assistant, laying on the floor, overcome by a flood of happy brain chemicals. We slaves return to our normal lives. But an hour later, I receive a message from you saying that next time, I will have hell to pay.

Current Mood: horny
Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
12:57 am
Saturday, September 10th, 2005
7:54 pm
Is this community dead?
Hello, I wont take much time to introduce myself, seeing as how you can always read my LJ, and userinfo.

Ive been into bestiality for awhile. I dont have much of a thing for female animals, but for male animals. Im not gay, Im not attracted to human males...just canines and horses and the like. Especially dogs though. Love the way their cocks look. Id love to get fucked by a dog, on all fours until it pumped my ass full of dog cum. Or maybe have it fuck my face, shoving its thick red cock down my throat, choking me.

As far as horses go, Id rather just jerk it off, and make it shoot its cum all over me...I have a bit of a cum fetish.

Ive never had much of a chance to fulfill either of these fantasies, but Id do quite a bit to get the chance to fulfill either of them. Im still looking though, for that chance so yeah.
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